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Melt in the mouth moments of happiness!

The philosophy at Ideal Ice Cream is simple. We treat ice-cream like food. We select the purest and finest ingredients and then set out to create what has become one of the best ice creams money can buy.

For consistent results we are careful to see that everything is done in the correct way at every stage of manufacturing and it is the reason why the Ideal brand of ice cream today enjoys an iconic status when people talk about ice cream not just in Mangalore but all over the world.

I like anjeer slab.Great taste!!!!!!!!!!.. All my friends like Ideal spl very much it tastes good as we ourselves choose icecreams & toppings of ourchoice.. Thank you. "
Nagesh Shenoy
The website is really touchy and has solid mass appeal.The website contains every info and its design is marvellous. An Ideal website to Ideal Ice cream"
Gopal Pai M
Have been enjoying Ideal Ice cream since a kid. We always make it a point to visit Ideal when guests are around. Had been to Goa recently and was delighted to find Ideal in a Hotel in Ponda. Hope Ideal will be a brand name in other states and cities."
Nilesh Kamath
Simply superb cream flavours! I've been tasting them since last 20 years or more! Pabba maam and Mukund are couple of extra-ordinary human beings that I've met in my life so far!"
Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi
Sir, Beg you to please start Ideal Ice-creams in Mumbai!!!!! Mumbaites have never eaaten REAL ice-cream"
Reema Shenoy
ideal ice cream is smooth and creamy. I would liked to have Ideals GudBud, Parfait and Soda Cream"
Roop Rani
Worth visit to Ideal Parlor's and taste the gudbuds, parfaits or any other ice cream"
Kedige Vasantha
Sir,please start Ideal Ice-creams in dubai, when i see ur website oh!!!!"
My friend forced me to eat ideal icecream in Mangalore and after i had it it was like Yaar kya Chamatkar hai yeh !! It was yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy Thanks"
Rashmi Bhau Mumbai
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar
Think ice-cream; think Ideals. Any Mlorean in any corner of the world will swear by Ideals. Mukund, can we have a outlet in London please? You know, I can live on your ice-creams. "
Yummmmmmyyy thats Ideal Ice Cream.... Nothing else taste so better than Ideal Ice Cream"
I think Ideal Ice cream was one of the most fantastic thing I have ever had and that too i just had a plain strawberry.. "
Saurabh Daga
No other ice-cream company can beat Ideals..!!..You get the world's best ice creams over here...and the best ever ice creams i hav eaten over here are chocolate dad and Tiramisu..its a wonderful place and the best place to treat yur friends..!!:)"
Pooja Bhandary
Request hereby to make a special option for sugarfree ice creams to benefit the diabetic who visit Ideal Ice Cream. I am not sure whether you already have this facility. If not, please treat this as a special request."
Nagesh D. Kamath
Excellent Icecreams..Mouth watering..tasty..makes us always want more and more.."
Can you please start a branch in Bangalore too"
hey congrats on the great new a nice look..all the very best"
myron teles
Innovative Delicious Enjoyable Affordable Loving Taste Service oriented product ie: IDEALS Best wishes for securing Awards at National Level Competition. U are the Best."
hi..i like ideal icecream i wish u would open a parlour in udupi aslo it would be agreat success,,,,,,,looking forward for the parlour "
hi..i like ideal icecream i wish u would open a parlour in bangalore aslo it would be a great success,,,,,,,looking forward for the parlour."
one of the the best ice creams on earth"
subhash bhakar
A best icecream parlour in the world. I love to have one of my favourite parfait here. Thanks to ideals beeing in mangalore."
Guruprasad P
please open a new branch in Bangalore.. we are looking your service..."
Please open your outlets in mysore and bangalore also..."
When I studied in mangalore in 1995 to 98 ,this was my favorite place to hang out.Easy on the pocket it was an "ideal" place for b'day treats and the ultimate comfort food when missing my family.Chocolate Dad is still my fav ice cream dream "
Beena Thomas
hello guys...........u all r doing a great job.i am from bombay.every year on my trip to manglore i'll be at ideals eating my fav 'Tiramisu'.i have jst 1 request....ideals plzzzzzzzz come to mumbai......thankx alot 4 your excelent service 4 so many years."
denrich pinto
The best ice cream ever. Start a branch in Bangalore near ITPL. Ready to pay twice the price to have the it. "
Its very nice to hear that the largest parlour is in mangalore by Ideal..Thanks a lot for making us proud..No one can beat the taste..but they can beat the rates.."
Dheeraj uchil
Dear Ideal, All Mangaloreans miss you a lot in Bangalore, won't you come there? "
i request u to open a branch in Dubai/Sharjah.i have tasted the IDEAL ICE CREAM since my childhood.I am missing that taste of icecream here.when i come for vacation to India(Mangalore), i make the maximum visit to the ideal cream parlour. "
vani upendra
I very fond of the Perfait Ice cream at your parlour. But unfortunately you guys don't operate in Mumbai. But whenever I come to my native place....I must have a Perfait :) "
Geetashri Shetty
Hello Mr Kamath, Thanks for this colorful and informative website of IDEAL great work. I live in manipal, , great place to hangout, but sad part is there is no Ideal Parlour in Manipal.Please open one soon."
Sir, As you dont have a parlour in Bangalore, I am looking for a job in Mangalore so that I can relocate :) Lovely place, ambience has changed with time, but thankfully, quality and taste are really the same.. Please continue the top class work :)"
i live in mumbai.....everytime i visit my native place manglore i see to it that i visit atleat twice to the favourite icecream IS TIRAMISU....hope it opens in mumbai... "
Sir, awaiting your advent to the temple city udupi\manipal... Kindly give it a thought to open up parlours at these places. "
shivanand bhandarkar
no words to describe how gud is ideal ice creams..i jus looooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee them.....its been 8 long yrs aftre hain ideal ice cream...i craving to hav them..plzzzzz plzzzzzzz start a outlet here at chennai....plzzzzzzzz...."
Anu Joseph
Kamath mam's ice cream formula is mmmmmmm.... Missing out here in Bangalore... Mukundanna pls expand to Bangalore also...."
Ashwin Kini
Come to bangalore....miss Ideal a LOT!!! plsss..... open a branch at Bangalore ...pls...pls...plss..."
Nayana Kamath
sahan g naik
hi..pabbamam n mukund anna....fantastic job..i wish one day it will launch in d whole world....parafait...hmmm "
venkataramana prabhu k
hi... we stay in dubai here we really miss the taste of ideal ice creams i request pls.... come and open a ice cream parlor here in uae "
ur ice cream is d best open new branches in new places"
I once had Banana Split at Pabba's..Its just awesome. Please do open an outlet in Hubli..."
Prateek S,Kanade
Very Nice... Please Maintain the quality as it is..."
Vishal Rao
I was working in Mangalore in 2005. I can assure anyone in this world that Ideal Ice Cream is one of the best in the world. Brands like Quality walls and others are no where close when it comes to the quality and taste. I wish if u hv ne branch in"
Manoj Sharma
Ideal ice cream n specifically Pabbas outlet is my all time fav. Be it Summer, Rainy or winter; Day or night; Ideals is an all time choice:) "
Kelvin Castelino
Hi this is naveen from mysore i have visit ideal parlour on every visit of mangalore.... i am planing to oppen ideal parlour in mysore"
The best ice cream.... fan since 25 yrs still be fan life long... u r the best ice cream makers. thanks "
the best icecream i have ever tasted. would like to see chain of stores accros karnataka. is there any possibilities for franchicess."
Hi Pabba Maam, I have always loved eating IceCream at your parlor. Please organize a Ice Cream festival every year during summer in Karavali Utsav grounds so that for one day V Mloreans can have only icecream morning till night! "
one of the world's best ice cream parlor. I just love tiramisu ohhhhhhh!!! so yummy.Open one ice cream parlor in Karwar too. "
one of the world's best iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicecream parlour.I just lovvvvvvvvvve tiramisu ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yummmmmmmmmmmmmy.Open one icecream parlour in karwar too. "
I LOVE IDEAL ICE CREAMS... Excellent Ice creams..Mouth watering..tasty..makes us always want more and more.. "
Karaya Gaurav Nayak
Visit to Mangalore by anyone becomes incomplete, if not visited IDEAL ICE CREAM parlour. "
Madan Mohan Rao
keep it up!! "
its our own baskin robbins. no other international icecream brand can compete wit it.its like our grandmas recipe"
I was a regular at your shop,when i was Medical rep,later i used to visit Shenoy & Co, Suresh Nayak is my cousin, keep up the Quality...Congrats,,, "
Madam R Pai (Kochikar)
Good evening hi iam krishnaprasad iam your EX EMPLOIEE in factory (5YEARS) EAST OR WEST IDEAL IS BEST"
B krishnaprasad
No comments, just enjoy the ice creams. we love it. "
I would like to open a franchise of Ideal in Bangalore and would like to know interest, terms & conditions & the investment required. Thanks"
Chaitanya B T
i hav visited your parlr so many times..iam interested in starting a similr parlr in calicut,kerala..i am reqstg your kind support..thank you"
The best thing the happen to keep the mangalore cool in this summer is definitely the IDEAL Ice creams. i wish them all the best ...."
Please start a parlour in Bangalore. There are so many mangalorean people here, who grew up eating your ice creams! Please do try"
zoheb shah
We are waiting for u in bangalore. When u entering bangalore market? Please send me a mail. my mobile number is 9740445444. Thanking u. "
Suresh babu
I've been devouring these icecreams all my life and will continue to do so.It isnt an exaggeration when I say that it has been the happiest part of my childhood at Mangalore. Thank you for this marvel :)"
Natasha Salian
hi am a ardent fan of ideal ice-cream, but since am away from m'lore , cant enjoy it often, why dont you guys start it at b'lor too (there are considerable no of manloreans plus am sure newbies will love your ice cream too. regards kausar"
I love ideal ice creams.especially gadbad & perfait. "
Rajesh Devadiga
can u tell me the ice cream recipe please "
hello, i m from Mumbai. whenever i come to mangalore . i enjoy to eat icecream from pabbas.......... can u please open franchise in mumbai...."
good service, the taste forever remember,"
I think that your ice-creams are really fantastic. Real Value for Money! Sunil Suresh"
Sunil Suresh
I have grown up eating ice-creams from Ideals N Pabba's you have an amazing collection of "Frozen Treats" my personal favorite is "GudBud". Now since I have moved to Mumbai, I wish you came to Mumbai too "
Manjeshwar Vivekanand Bhaktha
Ideals puts Mangalore on the world map!.... Ive had a HELL of a lot of icecreams in my life. B&J, BR, Haagendazs.. Nothing comes close to the parafait.. :) "
Ajay Rao
Real heartening to know that Ideal ice cream parlour has matured to achieve a company like status. I used visit Mangalore in the eighties & Ideal ice cream parlour was a must visit. Gadbad, parfait, Banana Split, Choc Sundae etc, will come again... "
You should start a token system to avoid having people waiting behind our chairs as we eat our ice-creams (as frequently happens in Pabba's)."
Sunil Suresh
Dear Sir, We would like to get franchisee of Ideal Ice-cream to Saudi Arabia and Dubai. What are the procedure and your requirements Please let us know. Regards, Rafeeq "
Hi Without Ideal Icecream (Gudbad) or pubbas and Tajmahal Halwa my trip never all country cousins very cool with Ideal gudbad ..... we are expecting branch in bangalore "
Interested in Franchisee at Surat (Gujarat). Will be glad if u cn send details on my mail id"
Varun Shah
We live in Bangalore and visit Mangalore ocassionally when ever we are there we make a point to visit Ideal atleast once before we leave..the taste is great and haven't found anywhere yet. "
taste, service wise you are the best "
pradeep m
laxmi bhat
Been eating since 77. They are the best. Tasted worldwide icecreams nothing to match IDEAL. Taking my kids 1st tym in manglore & to Ideal to reexperience my childhood. My gudbud costed Rs8/- in 77!! "
swathi shenoy
Hi, Ideal Ice cream's taste is "awesome",the prices are also "awesome"I will promise when ever I visit Mangalore I will definetly visit Ideal parlour. missing a lot for mouth watering tasty ice cream's of Ideal ice parlour "
ideal icecream such a tasty icecream which i had never eaten in my life. why cant u open branches in other states. in my opinion if u start your business in other stayes sure it will be a grand success for the company. "
Alwin Joseph
Huge fan here in Bangalore! Please open an outlet here for the Ideal-Pabbas-Mangalore deprived lot... it will be unimaginably successful! God bless! "
You should open 1 of your branches Here in Dubai...If possible that is. =)"
We liked your service at Pabbas. We are happy with your waiter Pavitra at table no 3 who served us very well. Thank you and we hope in future you have more people like her. We are delighted by the service given by her. "
Manas M Bhat
I have never missed Ideal Icecream in any of my visit to Mangalore. It is simply Amazing!!!. "
Vijayendra S
Best icecream in the world !"
Sujit Shenoy
Dear Sir, I have heard a lot about your icecream parlour. I would like to know if you offer a franchisee of the same,so that we can look forward to open the same in Surat (Gujarat) as well. "
Manish Surana
very very good mouth watering ice creams...... plz do come with new flavor of ice cream.... "
Dr Laxmish Mallya
I love Ideal Icecream.whenever i come to mangalore.. i never miss ideal icecream.... divya from mumbai"
divya mendon
Great one!! i love to visit freequent in manglore visits. great taste and nice. Philip General Manager Al Qatami Freight & Logistics Faisal Qatami Steel Trading CO. Building P.O.BOX NO. 23090, Safat,13091, Kuwait. Tel : 00965 24722046/ 7 /"
chacko Philip
Been a fan of ideals ice cream since childhood... ive had so many memories in pabbas... ideals ice cream simply rocks! really miss it here in blore :( "
I stay at Bangalore. But I never found a ice cream parlor that is match with Ideals. Its the best ice cream ever. I heard this is because their is some secret recipe . Anyway i think its the best in India. "
Everything is perfect in Ideal except for the people in the cash counter (esp. in Pabbas) - are they from Durvasa muni's family, always frowning! Request you to pls teach them how to smile! :-)"
Girish Aithal
Have been enjoying Ideal Ice cream since 5yrs. We always make visit Ideal when we come to Mangalore. Hope Ideal will be a brand name in other states, am willing to start in Chennai, if possible to meet regarding dis."
suresh babu.s.g.
I have visited Ideal icecreams many times and the icecreams are really good. People who visit ideals - Pls try Chocolate Dad which is amazing ..."
Raghavendra Trivikram Bhat
Best icecream in india"
I have been eating Ideals Icecream from a very small age. I think it is time for you guys to Expand & also add Sugar Free Flours in your Menu. Else every thing is really Yummmy."
Samith F
hey u must start ur branches in mumbai... "
I love this ice cream. and whenever i go to ideal ice cream parlour I would only eat Gudbud. not the other ice cream just eat it and look it. shhhhha shaa shaaa!!! "
The ice creams at Ideals are just fabulous. Ramesh New Zealand. "
Ramesh Kaipa
I love ideal ice creams its really worlds best ice cream i eat ideal ice cream at least once in a week... "
This is really fabulous. So many varieties and flavours. I would really want to see ur parlours open up in westbengal soon. I would like to be the franchisee. Please let me know about if u r interested."
Hi I am in now kuwait but i always miss ideal ice cream. i am eating ideal icecream from childwood "
prashanth shetty
Fantabulous is the word:)IDEAL rocks!!! "
Vignesh Shenoy
Gadbad icecream is the best. But the glass has become smaller. "
One of the most tastiest ice cream ever... "
You have always created flavours just out of the box! "
Mukesh Patel
I am quite impressed by the business model of Pabba's .its quite different from other retail outlets. I want to meet owner if possible and take his interview "
Amazing Place, I can recall so many childhood memories when i would come to my granny's place in mangalore during summer vacation. I visit this place when i'm in manglore, no matter what!!! :-)IDEAL Rocks!!!"
I just love to hang out at pabba's... Ice creams are simply delicious..."
Whenever i visit mangalore i make it a point to visit Ideal and have my famous "Gadbad".its just fabulous."
Hello pabba maam, I have created a Wikipedia Article for this brand! Check it out : "
Vaman Shenoy
Nice website. Fm : SS Transland Sea/Air Freight Service , India."
sudhakar shetty
Ideal Ice Cream